Here’s a little update

As some of you know, four weeks ago I had total knee replacement surgery on my right knee.  I’ve been working really hard at my recovery – to the point where I had to add “rest” to my routine because I thought I could/should do everything right away.  I am recovering and this week I’ve started out-patient physical therapy and even driving again (eeks).

Before my surgery I got all sorts of little projects cut out, ready for stitching. I’ve kept my sketchbook and water colors nearby. And… nothing.  I’m afraid all creativity has vanished for the moment. I’m sure the pain plus the pain medication aren’t helping and as that eases, I’ll feel more comfortable thinking about projects.

I’ll keep you posted.

Comment 1

  1. savageartist June 20, 2013

    That’s understandable. Your brain is occupied with recovering. I have a friend that has had both knees replaced. I know it’s not an easy or short recovery. Glad you’re hanging in there.

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