A little green sheep


green sheepI think my break from this blog might be over.  I’ve been overwhelmed with my knee, terrible insomnia, summer and with a creative block as big as a house but I think I might be coming out of it.

In an effort to unblock I bought the book Creative Thursdays after reading some excerpts online. What really sparked my interest was the idea of working on small, manageable projects. Then to blog about these small successes.

I’m not sure if my little sheep is a success or not, but now you know where green wool comes from.

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  1. Angel Whelan August 1, 2013

    From the land of Green eggs and ham maybe? 🙂 I think it’s very cute and a great way to ease back in. Hoping your knee and insomnia sorts itself out soon… Nothing worse for creativity than feeling unwell. I’ve been unable to sew for a week now with bronchitis and I am itching to get onto my huge pile of projects… but until you feel up to it you just can’t force it.

  2. Anna August 1, 2013

    Adorable! So with you on the whole summer, insomnia, no creativity thing. My goal tonight is to go to sleep before the clock switches to am. Hope your knee is healing well. Feel like summer started and I fell off the planet.

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