Getting ready for camp

Yes, I am crazy, thanks for asking.  Next week I will be hosting a Plush Camp in my home for six kids (all aged 11 and 12).  I have no idea how it will go but I’ve been thinking about and preparing for it for months now and I’m so excited that it is almost here!

The goal of the camp is to continue the work that we did during the Plush Club that I taught at my children’s’ school last year.  Teaching hand stitching and some embroidery to make small plush toys.  I’ll also teach some design basics so that the kids can design and stitch their own toys.  We’ll be taking lots of breaks for outdoor time, which will be supervised by my daughter and her best friend.  They have planned games and outdoor activities (sidewalk chalk, bubbles, foam swords, sketching, decorating tote bags) and they even made themselves “staff” t-shirts and different name tags for each day

I’ve been prepping all of the projects.  Each day we’ll do a small warm-up project that takes about an hour (or less) to finish.  Then we’ll move on to a larger project that they can finish in a couple of hours.  This has meant lots of cutting and making of samples.  It has been fun deciding which projects to do – next week I’ll show you just what we’re making each day!

WP_001555       WP_001556

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