Monday at Plush Camp


The first project at Plush Camp this week will be donuts!  I’ve had kids stitch donuts before because it teaches three important techniques. The first is straight stitch as they stitch the icing to the top of the donut.  The second is whipstitch which is used to stitch the two pieces of the donut together.  Finally, it teaches the students to “stuff as you go” in creating the donut. By the time they finish the donut (about an hour) they are ready to move on to other projects that may look more complicated, but really aren’t as they use these same techniques.

The second project is an “Oddball”, a pattern I ordered from Shiny, Happy World.  I just love the face!  The pattern also comes with accessories which I thought the kids might like to make if they have any free stitching time though the week.  I changed the arm pattern up a wee bit, but they are still stuffed with chenille stems so that they can be posed.

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