Thursday at Plush Camp

WP_001575Today at Camp our warm up project is to design and create an initial.  This way the kids can start to learn what goes into making a successful plush.  I’ve found one of the hardest things to teach them is to not make things so small that they can’t add stuffing, so we’ll try to work BIG.

The second project of the day is a little kangaroo and her Joey.  This is a sweet, and surprisingly easy pattern.  The pattern comes from a book I bought at a Japanese bookstore in Seattle. I’m sorry but I can’t find a link for it online.

There are so many great Japanese plush books with such amazing instructions that you really don’t need to be able to read Japanese. I get many of mine from this site.  She offers free shipping, or for $5 you can get the book in about a week.  The prices are comparable to the Japanese bookstore that I go to so well worth it.

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