If you are not familiar with the films by Hayao Miyazaki, I encourage to watch any one of them, especially My Neighbor Totoro.  Last week when I heard the news that he is retiring I was devastating.  My family and I have enjoyed so many of his films over and over.  They are breathtaking in their beauty and the stories are so much more than they might appear on the surface.  Sigh.

WP_001716So this week at Plush Club the girls and I are stitching plush Totoro creatures.  I found the sweetest pattern available here.  I love the generosity of folks in the world of craft. 

A couple of the girls thought that this would be a wonderful thing to make and sell at the Holiday Art Sale at their school.  This was a wonderful opportunity to talk about “terms of use” of various patterns as I pointed out that the designer gave this pattern away for free as long as it was for personal use only.  A good teaching moment for the world of plush.  I encouraged them to focus on creating their own designs for sale.

This is a sweet and very simple pattern with wonderful instructions. I highly recommend for any Miyazaki fans out there.

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