Aki Con Wrap Up

When I signed up for Aki Con my goal was to make back my table costs. I had a number of items for sale that I had made for the Pratt Fine Arts Center’s annual Holiday Sale.  I made extra owl pins and sugar skulls. I thought I’d sell a few of these and then replace them in time for the sale.


Sales at Aki Con were much better than I had anticipated, I have almost no stock left and now I really need to get my butt in gear if I’m to have enough to cover the week long Pratt Holiday Sale.  It’s all good though and an unexpected surprise.

WP_001811And the very best thing that happened? This wonderful woman bought my squid and made it a part of her gothic Lolita outfit! It looked amazing perched on her shoulder with his tentacles wrapped around her arm and neck! I was so thrilled when she came by to show me!

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