A Year of Creative Habits

As I’ve mentioned in a previous posts, here and here, I’m not one for New Year’s Resolutions but I do love what the new year represents, a chance to start something new, try different things and expand (or even reduce) your horizons.

I’ve decided to follow along with the blog, The Year of Creative Habits which is, in it’s very simplest form;

  1. Choose one creative habit.
  2. Do it everyday for one month.
  3. Share your effort/progress with others.
  4. Reflect on the month and decide if you will continue the habit.

The project is being directed by Crystal Moody.  I love, and can relate to, her quote, “I’ve spent a lot of time wanting be creative without any action.”  I too have spent oodles of time looking at web sites, pouring through art books, magazine and natural history books, but in the end, I actually do very little, at least on a daily basis. So, like Crystal, this is my year of creative habits.

This month (starting on January 6th, because I’m cool like that) my creative habit is to:

  • go out everyday for at least 15 minutes and take photos.
  • come home, pick one photograph and  make a quick sketch.

rose hips  



For more information on the project here are a couple of links:

http://yearofcreativehabits.com/  You can sign up for project updates and learn more here.

http://yearofcreativehabits.tumblr.com/  Tons of great ideas on sparking creativity and creating habits.

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  1. jane at the flight platform February 11, 2014

    hello dawn, just found you via crystal’s blog, i found her and this project 3 days ago and jumped straight in as well. i am thrilled to find you and now following along, i am going to post on mondays over at my place about this project…considering opening a tumblr site as well….so excited.

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