Discovering new artists

A few months ago my husband bought me a subscription to Art in America magazine. The first issue totally overwhelmed me. I thought that I probably wasn’t anywhere near the target audience. The second issue was lovely, I skimmed a few articles. But the next issue blew me away. I poured through the ads, the articles and found so much inspiration in the artwork.

A few of the artists that particularly caught my eye are Anna Galtarossa, Lisa Kokin, Aminah Robinson and Phyllida Barlow.


A 1229127lisa-kokin.  

  Anna Galtarossa                                 Lisa Kokin.

aminah-robinson.  phyllida barlow

.      Aminah Robinson                            Phyllida Barlow


Here is a link to a current exhibit by Anna Galtarossa and Daniel Gonzalez. I love everything about it, from the giant skyscrapers to the over abundant use of sequins.

Lisa Kokin is a mixed-media artist. Her work combines materials to create art pieces as varied as cowboys formed from antique linens to flowers made from the spines of self-help books. You can find out more about Lisa and her amazing work on her website, here.  I think my favorite pieces are the works with buttons.

I’m not quite sure where to start in describing Aminah Robinson’s work. She is amazingly talented and works in several mediums. You can visit Aminah’s World to learn about her art and processes. You can even create your own art. To see her work as presented by a gallery, follow this link.

I love the color, materials, size and texture of Phyllida Barlow’s work. It is imposing, somewhat ominous but absolutely approachable. This is a great site to see her work.

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