Wrapping up January

Despite the severe lack of posts, I am keeping up with my year of creative habits.

I have to say, that taking photos of gray January skies became more difficult than I had imagined it to be. Even searching out color became a drag. Yes, there was lots of green moss, trees and lawns, but they were all set against a background of grey.


                                                                                           bright red berries


                                                                       underfoot, bright yellow traction strips


                                         taking photos through the shading of the car window to simulate blue skies

I continued working in my sketchbook each day, but began to sketch from handbooks of flora local to the area.

So, a few  lessons learned,

  • January skies are dangerously depressing when you are looking at them closely every single day.
  • Sketching everyday is a discipline I enjoy and hope to continue.
  • Looking is a skill that should be learned and mastered.
  • Even when you aren’t feeling particularly creative, making yourself sit down for 10 or 15 minutes at least keeps your head in the game.

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