February Recap


My Daily Habit in February was to search out images and collect then in my sketch book. This was a really simple process and sometimes it it the simple things that can get you back on track.  Looking back on them triggers more ideas for both print and fiber work.

                         WP_20140301_12_00_27_Pro        WP_20140301_12_00_51_Pro 

So, a few  lessons learned,

  • Looking is a skill that should be learned and mastered.
  • This was a great escape, looking through all sorts of magazine, brochures, junk mail. Cutting and pasting images. But It didn’t feel like quite enough.
  • February skies are still depressing.

For those of you just joining in, I am following along with Crystal Moody’s Year of Creative Habits.  Crystal is amazing in her discipline to the project and I love her work, especially lately with dinosaurs and bugs – two things very close to my heart.  You might want to head over there and see her interview with me. Or not. It’s cool.

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  1. savageartist March 3, 2014

    Love this. Thanks for the inspiration! I’ve subscribed to Crystal’s site. Would love to participate but need to ruminate on this for a few days before I commit. I tend to get all excited about these kinds of things and then fail miserably and then end up feeling like a loser.

  2. dawnrogal March 3, 2014

    You know, I have to admit that I’ve missed days, then take an hour and get caught up. February was a particularly rough month for me which is why I chose a very simple habit. So really – dive in. Crystal won’t dock grades for incomplete work, I promise!!

  3. crystalmoody March 5, 2014

    thank you Dawn! And yes Cathy, join in when you can! “Looking is a skill that should be learned and mastered.” — I love that, so true yet sometimes difficult. I just love your shadow photos on IG lately too. XXXX

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