March’s Creative Habit

This month I am diving back into my sketchbook and doing some drawing. I am very wary of my drawing skills. So, as Macklemore says, I just need to put in those 10,000 hours (okay, Malcolm Gladwell  probably said it first but I like Macklemore’s song).

WP_20140301_16_56_36_ProI absolutely love the work that Crystal Moody is doing in her sketchbook. So much so that I’m going to try the same thing for the month of March. Sketching from photos or drawings in books.

The book I am working from is Collins Pocket Guide to the Sea Shore by John Barrett and G. M. Yonge.

I love beach combing, gathering rocks, shells, bits of driftwood and seaweed. I’m hopeless, I’ll come home with my pockets full of sand and treasures, like a little kid. Some of my “best selling” (and please don’t let that fool you, I’ve sold a few more of these than of others) prints are those that I’ve done of the shore. Maybe these sketches will inspire more prints.



         WP_20140303_14_06_12_Pro WP_20140301_16_56_21_Pro


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