We go to the gallery

I follow many people on Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Sometimes I find a link that sends me down a rabbit hole. This happened recently when I came across an article (how I got there? who knows?) about a book entitled We go to the gallery by Miriam Elia. This is undoubtedly the cleverest and funniest book I’ve read in ages. Based lovingly on the 1960s Ladybird books,

We Go To The Gallery is the first in a series of ‘Harlequin Ladybird’ books designed to make scary subjects approachable for the under 5s. Described in bold colours and clear and concise English, each book will drag families in to the darkest recesses of the collective unconscious, for their broader cultural benefit.

Cob Gallery   


You might be able to buy a copy of the book here. If it is no longer available perhaps the “average” rosettes will appeal to you.

Unfortunately Penguin Publishers has brought a suit against Miriam for copyright blah blah blah. Do read more about it. In today’s world there should be room for parody (not plagiarism, Mr. Labouf). A similar case is being looked at by the courts and the use of a song by the Beastie Boys in a commercial for GoldieBlox.



The Beastie Boys have settled their suit with the makers of GoldieBlox. According to Rolling Stone magazine, “the settlement “includes (a) the issuance of an apology by GoldieBlox, which will be posted on GoldieBlox’s website, and (b) a payment by GoldieBlox, based on a percentage of its revenues, to one or more charities selected by Beastie Boys that support science, technology, engineering and mathematics education for girls.”

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