Lately I’ve actually been completing projects! Of course the proportion of works in progress to completed projects is still about 50:1 but dang it, I finished this last weekend.

In my previous post I talked about starting this piece. I finished the embroidery that came pre-stamped on the pillow case.  I used one of the iron-on transfers to add the little froggy guy. I couldn’t resist him.  I then used yarn leftover from knitting a scarf to make a bunch of different sized pompoms. There was really no rhyme nor reason to this, I just made pompoms until I ran out of yarn then scattered them around the edge of the pillow. (I did consciously choose my embroidery thread colors to match the yarn though.)

I’m so pleased with the results.



And what is even more exciting, Jenny Hart of Sublime Stitching and Mark Allen (the illustrator) complimented me on my work in putting together their design. I’m a little overwhelmed to say the least. Here is Mark’s post.

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