April’s Creative Habit

WP_20140331_18_58_54_ProFor this month I am switching sketchbooks and reaching into my Moleskin Watercolor Notebook.

I’m going to concentrate on paint and ink sketches (okay, technically, pencil, watercolor then ink).  I’ll focus on flora, both real and imagined. I love the look of this type of watercolor technique and want to develop my skills. The Year of Creative Habits is the perfect opportunity to do so.

While waiting for my son to finish his tutoring session (pre-algebra, sigh, it’s now beyond me but luckily young college students are always looking for tutoring gigs) I found 12 beautiful magnolia trees in the courtyard. They were in full bloom and smelled amazing.


          WP_20140331_19_20_12_Pro       watercolor

I’m so pleased with the first results. I need a finer micron pen but other than that I think I’m set for April!

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