Temporary Living

We are between homes at the moment. We’ve moved out of our home in Bellevue into temporary living arrangements in Marina Del Ray. That means that all of my art supplies are in storage. My husband drove down before we moved down and took with him a carload of home goods. He suggested that we pack clothes to have at the other end. I packed a bin full of art supplies (my daughter packed a tote bag full of plush toys).


I packed everything from sketching, stitching and printmaking supplies to magazines and a scrimshaw kit. I really just threw in things that were on and around my work desk. We’ve been in our apartment a week, and now that I’ve braved the local roads and freeways, I feel like it is time to tackle some handwork. I’ve started stitching a pillow cover. I got the cover and the embroidery patterns from Sublime Stitching. The pattern is “Birds of Prey”, which was recently retired.


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