Another project

This isn’t quite as easy as embroidery, if you’ve been following along on my summer projects. However, if you have ever wanted to try weaving, this is a great introduction. I brought with me in my little travelling art box two little hand looms, called “Weave-it” looms.  This is another project that is small enough to travel with you on summer days, even if just to the park or your deck.

My looms are vintage bakelight, you can find them in great shape on eBay, under different names such as Weave-it or Loomette. You can also purchase them new through Purl Soho right here. Or you can buy new wooden looms in a couple of sizes here. Don’t you love the shadows in this photo?!


I didn’t bring along instructions for threading the loom, but the internet was kind and I found instructions here. It took me a couple of tries before I got the rhythm of winding the yarn on the loom before you start the weaving.  I actually found it easier to follow the written instructions rather than the diagrams but I’ll leave that to you. If you buy a used loom try to buy one with the instruction sheet, it will make things so much easier.


A great site for inspiration is eLoomaNation. You’ll get a good idea what various yarns look like when woven. I think I have enough yarn to make a scarf after I stitch all the pieces together.


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