How to Become a Working Artist

Today and yesterday I have been watching Lisa Congdon (yay!) present a live class on how to become a working artist. It’s been quite fantastic and I’ve learned so much.

The bulk of the class comes from Lisa’s latest book, Art Inc. That being said, the live course has offered so much more as questions have come in from the studio audience as well as questions from folks watching on the internet.

InstagramCapture_c7dc4002-3dbb-4dcb-a8f1-7f95e65ac439Lisa has just asked, “What will you be doing different tomorrow?” This is a great question because I’m feeling so enthused and excited.

I’ll definitely be using more social media (more blog posts, more Twitter, more Instagram). I’ll think about Pinterest, my past experience haven’t been great so we’ll see… More importantly though, is creating more art that I can put in my long-forgotten Etsy shop. And to try not to forget the fine art aspect of my work.

I need to create more “habits” around this, just like I’ve developed my habit of sketching everyday.  I need to take my vision map and make it “actionable”.

You can still watch the class by purchasing it at

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