Sketchbook update

I’ve been sketching along in my little sketchbook along with others following Crystal of Year of Creative Habits.  This month I’m doing things a little differently:

  • I’ve upgraded to a 5” by 7” sketchbook
  • I’m following along with Inktober (I love ink drawings so this is a fun one, thanks Crystal for the head’s up on this)
  • I’m using my sketchbook to jot down ideas and designs

This is all prompted by finding some old sketchbooks unearthed during out recent move. I’d forgotten how much I enjoyed working through my print and plush designs in a big sketchbook. Or just doodling. Or writing quotes for later use. My daughter carries her sketchbook with her everywhere (and it’s a large format one too). She is never without it and her artistic skills show it, she is constantly improving her skills, sketching her latest interests or just improving her ability to draw dinosaurs (her passion).


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