Mindful Stitching

Day of the Dead Mermaid     WP_20150906_15_07_19_Pro 2

There are times when my mind is racing and not always with thoughts of projects and fun things to do. It projects horrible outcomes for everyday events, it swims in hurtful comments from acquaintances or ridiculous posts on FB – and I find myself overwhelmed by depression and anxiety.  During those times my “go to” method of self soothing is hiding in my bed, but I’m trying so hard not to let that happen.  It’s worrisome to me and to my family.

So last time it happened I dug out an old pattern, one that requires hours of hand stitching. Repetitive stitching of sequins and beads. Nothing challenging because I’ve made this before, just stitching.

I’m so pleased with the outcome, the bright colors, bold lines and that little heart beneath her ribs, all make me smile.

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  1. crystalmoody September 18, 2015

    I love your title. I am really struggling with anxiety today and I may just do as you say and start on an embroidery project. I did find it really meditative the first and only time I’ve done it! So good to see all that you’re making lately. XX

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