A Site Update

I decided that my site was due for an update. It’s been ages since I’ve done a major overhaul so yesterday I spent several hours at my desk playing with WordPress. WordPress is simple to use and a great place to start when building a website. Everything is fairly self-explanatory, there are so many customizable themes available and widgets to add. That being said, you can still get bogged down but somehow I muddled through and here it is. I still have a couple of CD’s of photos to add from shows that I had in Seattle, and I need to play around with them a bit but overall, I like where it’s heading.

It’s always hard to spend time being a business person when you are an artist. Updating shops, fiddling with a website, applying to shows, doing books — all necessary things that must be done. But… they all take time away from being an artist.

Art is hard work.

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