Happy Blogiversary!

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Congratulations to M.C. , the party pig is yours!  And yes, we have known each other longer than I’ve been blogging.



Out of curiosity I went back through my blog to see when it all began. Can you believe that I’ve had this little blog for eleven years!  Eleven!

When I started it I really had no idea what I wanted to do with it. I wrote about my little family, about projects I was working on, about the weather… anything really. Slowly it evolved. I was becoming an artist and my blog reflected that.  I’m very excited to call myself an artist and to use my blog to showcase my work.

To celebrate I’m giving away this little party pig!

Just leave a comment here with your email address (I promise not to use it in any way other than to contact the winner, I’m not that organized). I’ll notify the winner on Sunday evening, PST.  And yes, I’m happy to send pig on his way anywhere in the world!

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  1. Stacey Briggs December 6, 2015

    Hey Miss Dawn, dear pal and fave artist – I wish I could buy up all your creations (bluebird, heart and kiwi are on my Santa’s list) … and I was heartbroken when we moved simultaneously. But I’m sure you are digging the sunshine and my hometown vibe. So relieved when you restarted your blog because my hard drive died and Carbonite didn’t properly back up my data so still trying to get my YEARS of contacts, notes and calendar recovered. Anyway, soo-wee, oooo-wee, I’d love to give piggy a home! Let’s catch up no matter what, kindred spirit. I’m at staceybriggs7@hotmail.com. Hugs! =S=

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