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30 Days of Art

Two years ago this month I participated in a challenge to make a print everyday for thirty days. I, of course, chose a pretty time consuming method but I got through the challenge and loved the final results. I thought I’d share some of them again today.          

Sketchbook update

I’ve been sketching along in my little sketchbook along with others following Crystal of Year of Creative Habits.  This month I’m doing things a little differently: I’ve upgraded to a 5” by 7” sketchbook I’m following along with Inktober (I love ink drawings so this is a fun one, thanks Crystal for the head’s up […]

How to Become a Working Artist

Today and yesterday I have been watching Lisa Congdon (yay!) present a live class on how to become a working artist. It’s been quite fantastic and I’ve learned so much. The bulk of the class comes from Lisa’s latest book, Art Inc. That being said, the live course has offered so much more as questions […]

A vintage rabbit

I love the work of Abby Glassenberg of While She Naps.  It was her book, The Artful Bird that was a big influence on my bird making efforts. This week on her blog she featured a vintage pattern pamphlet with the most adorable animals. Since it is so old, it is now public domain so […]

Plush You!

Yes, once again I’ve been selected to participate in Plush You! the international, juried show of plush.  I’ve packaged up my pieces and popped them in the mail to Schmancy in Seattle.  Here they are!       I’m really pleased with all three pieces. My only disappointment is not being able to be in Seattle […]

More stitching

My daughter chose Latin as her language  in high school and loves it. In fact, I rarely hear anyone who regrets having studied Latin. My daughter’s favorite thing is when she makes puns, or finds funny phrases (or reads all of the graffiti that they found in Pompeii). We’ve decided that this phrase* is now […]

A Commission Finished

It is always so flattering to be asked by someone to create a piece. This commission was especially fun because I love Dorothy Parker and I love stitching these little sayings.  I plowed through it with Netflix’s “The Killing” playing in the background.  The best part though is that the piece is for another artist […]


I’m still working in my little sketchbook everyday, following along with the Year of Creative Habits. I’m not as diligent as I’d like to be but my excuse, and I do have one, is that we are still getting settled in our new home. One of the fun things about unpacking boxes are the treasures […]

Who did she think she was?

I’m really proud and thankful to Ellen Hochberg to be participating in this show. It opens next weekend, August 2, at the Tashiro Kaplan Arts Complex in Seattle. If you are a person concerned about the state of reproductive rights in America, this show will be of interest to you.

Trying something new and a little printmaking

This week I went to the Dick Blick location in Venice Beach. it’s a really nice store with the usual assortment of art supplies that I simply can’t live without. Surprisingly I managed to walk away with only one item, a clear carving block for printmaking. The Richeson Clear Carve Linoleum professes to carve like […]