Mantis Shrimp

My work is often influenced by my children.  We will often go off on tangents together (cocktail monkeys, cryptozoology, vultures and so on).  Our latest is the mantis shrimp.  If you have ever read The Oatmeal, you will know of his love for the mantis shrimp.  Go ahead, read his ode, I’ll wait.

So this project came out of our discussions and a sketch done by my daughter.  It took way longer than expected but the outcome is worth every stitch.


Recent Work

IMG_20160606_093053 1.jpgIMG_20160606_093220I have been busy working on a number of pieces recently. These are available at ArtSpace in El Segundo until June 16th.



Pups Who Pack

I love collaborations. I’m always interested in working with other artists and designers, it’s inspiring and energizing. This month I’m so excited to be working with Maggie Modena the designer and creative force behind Pups Who Pack. We chatted about art, working with a creativity coach and fabric design. I told her that if she ever wanted to try embellishing one of her packs I’d love to work with her. And here we are.  The fabric design of this pack is called “Graffiti” and Maggie picked the sequins. Now to work!

IMG_20160516_164444 1


“her” Group Show

I’m thrilled to be featured in a group show all of this month at ArtSpace in El Segundo, CA. It has been awhile since I’ve been able to show so many of my sculptural pieces all in one place. These bird pieces are all brand new.  The show runs until June 7th if you are in the area.

Something for your wall

Making fiber dioramas (of a sort) is a favorite of mine but it’s been awhile. These pieces are all California based and will be available through HaleARTS S P A C E in Santa Monica during their $100 show beginning April 15, 2016.

Clockwise from left are “A View of Santa Monica Pier”, “Hitting the Links”, and “Observatory by Moonlight”.

Preserving My Heritage



Update:  I am so pleased to let you know that this piece was accepted to the Focus on Fibre Art Association Biennial Juried Competition in Edmonton, Alberta.

I recently applied to have my work shown in an exhibit in Canada. The theme is “My Heritage”. I grew up in a city in Saskatchewan. I have wonderful memories of driving through the prairies landscape on car rides with my family. The wheat fields and grain elevators are iconic as are the small iron bridges crossing rivers like the South Saskatchewan. These memories are a strong part of my heritage, I will always be a part of Saskatchewan no matter how far afield I might travel and live.

An Upcycled Bird

For about a year I used a lovely pink purse that I bought online for the grand sum of $9.  When the zipper broke I knew immediately what to do. Make a bird. Only remotely did I think that perhaps I should have it repaired. It made me think about how artists often see the world around them in a different way. They see the possibilities in a broken purse, an old scarf or a worn wool jacket. They watch a documentary about the Loch Ness monster and design a pillow. Their daughter has a fascination with dinosaurs and a series of albino “taxidermy” dinosaur heads is created.

Okay, I’m talking about me. But you know, artists in general.

I made this little bird for a dear friend who turned 50 last week. I love how it turned out.