enough hot already

phew.  Drumheller is HOT!  which makes our time in Canada consistent at least, hot, hot and more hot.

We got into Drumheller this afternoon and first stop climbed the huge dinosaur, as per my brother’s suggestion.  It was awesome and totally cheesy.  P kept saying, "Hey, someone give this guy a toothbrush", to much laughter.  I’m sure it’s the first time anyone heard that one. 



Then off to the Royal Tyrrell Museum which is, amazing!  They have a great show on now, Lords of the Land, all about T-Rex and their relatives and it was so dramatic, real fossils so the room was very dark, the walls black and many of them "framed" like works of art.  It was so cool.  The kids loved the whole museum, P especially running around like a nut.  Nothing like dinosaurs to get a little guy excited. 

We’re heading to Banff and Lake Louise tomorrow.

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