last printing class

until September anyway.  Three of us who have been in the class together since January will be coming back in the fall to take Intro to Printmaking one more time.  Okay, we’re a bit slow.  There is just too darn much to learn and it is an awesome class. 

Anyway, here is the last of my big press, oil-based inks work until fall… a couple more paper lithographs.

This is a tryptic that I thought would work better but it wasn’t doing it for me.  Not to mention the center print is crooked and smudged. 

This is the light post on our street.  I just loved all the wires and lines on this.  The process made it so abstract looking.  I have to say I love this print.


I had blue ink up to my elbows, in the water bowl, splashed all over my work surface, rolled out on my work surface, man, it was everywhere.  What a mess.  I still have blue ink on my hands.  The women in class said it looked like I had a job cleaning toilets on airplanes.  niiiice.

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