Pratt Fine Arts hosts a holiday sale every year offering artwork by their members.  This year they have gallery space in Pioneer Square and will be part of the first Thursday downtown Seattle art walk.  It is all very exciting and I’m so pleased to have a chance to be a part of it.


Of course it has meant getting my act together and deciding what to put in the sale.  I opted for all framed, ready to hang pieces rather than unframed, matted pieces.  Mostly because I don’t have my own display rack but also because of the work involved in getting a bunch of prints matted.  And of course, I wanted to put in new pieces rather than the artwork that is already framed and ready to go, adding to the work involved in getting ready.  But I did it, and have nine pieces all wrapped and ready to drop off tomorrow, and twenty felt mushroom ornaments ready as well.


These are my mushroom woodblocks printed on dupioni silk. I embellished them with stitching and text torn from an old dictionary.  Each is 5” by 5”.  Derick called them “elegant” which I thought was very nice.  They’d be sweet as a set but I’m selling them individually.  The colors here aren’t as rich as they are in person…


001   002




I’m not putting these in my etsy shop (which is sadly empty) but if you are interested in one (or two), let me know.

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