and now for something completely different

adjustedoooo, shiny.


This usually happens to me on Fridays.  On Fridays I have coffee with my friend Anna (the knitting and tie-dye goddess), then we wander to our favorite craft shop and have a look around for things we may or may not “need”.  Last Friday I “needed” this book, and I “needed” some size 11 Miyuki beads.


I’ve not done Peyote stitch in a long time, and I realized that I’ve never learned to read a pattern for it.  This made my brain hurt.  It took several false starts to get going and many beads to get a rhythm going with following a simple two-color pattern.   Luckily, these beads are so tiny that it is hard to see the mistakes. It reminded me why I prefer freeform Peyote stitch projects.

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