look what we found

Our little gray cat, Bo, loves bouncy balls.  She is absolutely crazy about them.  But totally embarrassed if you happen to catch her chasing one around the house.  The other day she lost one under the piano and could not reach it, no matter how far she stuck her little paw under.  Derick got out a stick and a flashlight, and crawled down to help her out.  He burst out laughing.  Here is what he found…

Comment 1

  1. Beth December 2, 2007

    Dawn, oh I am so electronically challenged it is truly ridiculous but I found you via jeff\’s blog … and just had to send you a comment and it has nothing to do with darling Bo (although Bo and Domino could definitely open a "used and slightly chewed cat toy shop") but I hope you get this.  I might in the new year even have to start blogging myself although so far I have proven cyber resistant! 
    Went to the Urban Craft Uprising today and it was wonderful.  Take care.

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