my day in court

So, a couple of weeks ago I got a speeding ticket.  Is it my fault that Bellevue is hilly?  Is it my fault that K- building is still sitting empty after 5 years?  Is it my fault that while I was driving down a hill looking at the building and was busy trying to figure out if Costco really is going to move into it that I hit 38mph in 25mph zone?

oh yeah, I guess it is.  damn.

The traffic officer was great about it.  He explained that there is a little thing in Bellevue called a "deferred finding".  This means you can ask the judge very nicely to excuse your indiscretion.  But you can’t get another ticket for a year or you’ll end up paying the ticket and a bunch of court costs.  So off I went to traffic court this morning.   The judge did the deferred findings first and I was the only one so I was out of there right away.  phew.

To celebrate my victory in the courtroom, so to speak, I treated myself to the original Bellevue greasy spoon, the Pancake Corral.  It was packed and aside from a couple of construction workers and one waitress, I was the youngest one there.

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