All I can think about right now is finishing my pieces for Plush You.  Honestly, I leave everything to the last minute.  I’m not sure why I do this.  It always reminds me of something Bobby McFerrin said when I saw him in concert many years ago, “I don’t like to leave things to the last minute. I like to leave them to the moment.”  Yup, that’s me.

But my big piece is done and just one more little robot to finish and he’s coming along nicely.  A few more hours.  I had plans to do much larger pieces, a large flower (sort of like Audrey 2 in Little Shop of Horrors) but the armature was getting complicated  –  I didn’t want it to be all floppy.  And I’d also thought of doing another giant squid but there is the key word, another… been there, done that. 


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