Getting ready for the Pratt auction

For the past two years I have had a piece in the Pratt Auction (and both sold!).  The entire process is a bit nerve-wracking for me because first, your piece must be juried in.  Then it is catalogued, the catalog is distributed to the media and the who’s who of the art world in Seattle.  Then your piece is hung, discussed at the Pratt Exposed pre-auction party (free to the public and a ton of fun).  Finally the auction arrives, and your piece sits quietly with a blank bid sheet laid before it.  You secretly check the bid-sheet, hoping someone puts their name to it, that someone loves it as much as you do.


001This year I was a bit stuck as to what to donate.  I’m kind of “in the middle” of figuring out where I’m heading with my prints.  I’ve been messing about with encaustic monotypes. And I’ve been doing a lot of stitching.  Nothing was jumping out at me as the piece for Pratt.  And the fact that they have raised the minimum bid this year to $300 doesn’t help.  I am still of the thinking that my work can’t possibly be worth that much. But there is no way that I’ll miss the auction – Derick and I really look forward to attending it.


But the other night, as I stitched away on a piece (inspired by a print done by my friend Leslie), it hit me.  This was the piece.  This is what I want to donate to the Pratt Auction. It incorporates everything I love about my stitched work, the attention to detail, the ridiculous number of hours it takes me to sew on every single bead, bright, over the top color choices, sequins, metallic threads, sea life, terrariums…  ‘


Yes.  This is the piece. 

I have twelve days to finish it. Wish me luck.

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