Parklane Gallery Show October 018In honor of my first solo show I am going to start a countdown!  Each day I will feature one of the pieces in the show and tell you a little bit about it.  Today, let’s begin with my sketch book.


Yes, I keep a sketch book.  It’s a little Jill Bliss journal and I keep it in my purse.  Most artists have a proper sketchbook and I do have a few of those that I drag out now and then but I’m busy man!  I’m on the go!  Anyway, a lot of my ideas start from tiny scratching’s in my book, or sketches that the kids have done in it.  I thought I’d capture that in plush.  Yes, a plush sketch book.


I embroidered felt “pages” with sketches from my book. I did it “freehand” without actually transferring the drawing so in a way, these are also sketches.  The book has eight pages and a purple cover.  It is bound with wire.


“sketchbook”, wool felt and metal binding, $150

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