1021_rogal_dawn_the eyes have it 1

It’s done! After a marathon of stitching I finished my submission for an upcoming abstract show. I have no idea if it will be accepted.  I never mind if my pieces are rejected, and am always thrilled when they are accepted so for me, it’s a win/win because I just love making them.


EAFA submission closeupThis one is exactly as I imagined it to be in my preliminary “sketch”.  Throughout the process how I wanted it to be changed several times so it’s interesting that this is the end result.  I love the fabric. I love the roots and the eye stalks (you can’t see it very well but they have fake fur on the back of them).  I wish that the center of the piece had more going on when you look inside, but I have an idea for this and think I will continue to work on that as I have time.


Now on to… hmmm. Definitely more 12 by 12 cryptid pieces.  They are too much fun to stop at just five.

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