a little embroidery

a man's heart 01002I love doing this type of embroidery. I don’t do enough of it.  I read this sentiment on Tumblr and just had to embroider it.   I’ll iron it and frame it like the one on the left.  I did this one some time ago, and it was in the shop but it kept ending up tucked behind the counter or in the back room.  I think it must have offended one of the volunteers (hahahaha).


I am happily married, really I am.  I’m not sure why these appeal to me and make me laugh. 

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    • dawnrogal February 22, 2012

      Hi Leah, Yes. Both of these are for sale, at the moment though they are in a show in Everett WA. Please keep an eye on my blog as next week I’m going to start a new section showing pieces that are for sale. Thanks so much for asking!!

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