sewing with a machine

006I’m sewing a jacket and dress for my daughter. She’s big into cosplay as I may have mentioned. Last year it was Hetalia, this year it’s Homestuck. I know nothing about either other than it consumes my daughter’s and her friends’ lives. There is a semi-formal dance this weekend and she’ll be going in character.


I do so little machine sewing.  It’s always a big event around here when the sewing machine is brought out – mostly because I set it up on the dining room table and take over even more space than usual.  The cats get especially excited because they love to sleep on the fabric and the pattern instructions.  And don’t even talk about the leftover tissue paper from the pattern pieces – best cat toys ever!



I love the colors that my daughter is using so am diligently saving the scraps to make a snail.  Photos of said snail to follow, at some point – it’s not at the top of the list at the moment.


Speaking of sewing, have you ever seen this little gadget?  When I was learning to sew back in high school, I used a safety pin to thread elastic or string through the casing.  This worked nicely but wasn’t the ideal solution.  I recently found this little gadget.  omg.  Are you kidding me?  Has this always been around?  It’s a bodkin.  I love my bodkin.  I love the word bodkin. 

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