Projects on the Go

005I always have one or two projects on the go.  Some are simple enough that I can keep them in the car for those times when I’m waiting to pick up kids or waiting for an appointment.  My “go to” carrying bag has always been a plastic zip-lock bag, because I’m classy.  Today, my dear friend dropped off three small bags that are the perfect size for carrying projects.  I chose a couple of designs and she machine embroidered them for me.  The “D” logo and bag is a “freebie” that she included because she is incredibly awesome.


If you’d like something similar you can contact my friend via her website.  She seems to be able to embroider anything and everything.  We’ve ordered hats, she does lovely blankets, glow in the dark pillowcases (especially nice for kids going off to camp), backpacks… everything.  And very reasonably price.  Here’s the link…

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