because I’m a printmaker

004As of right now, my kids are done school for the summer.   I sat down to go through the summer calendar to make sure that I had marked down all of the camps and important dates over the next two months.  And there it was, shining like a beacon…

This year I am going to my first sleep away camp.  An art camp. For adults.  No kids.  I’m a big girl now.

My friend Colleen suggested the idea months ago.  I looked at the website and the classes and knew it was exactly what I needed.  A week away to totally immerse myself in art.  I chose the printmaking class because although I spend very little time printmaking I am a printmaker. Really.  Plus, the week covers etching, a technique I’ve always wanted to try.  It covers quite a few relief techniques so it should be fun. 

I’ve been going through the supplies list, seeing what I have and what I need.  Very excited.

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