etching, bwa ha ha


I’ve never done any etching.  I studied printmaking in a studio that we shared with a children’s art class (glitter!!) and etchers.  The etchers were meticulous, everything was clean, very tidy, labeled.  The printmakers were their nemesis. We scooped ink out of pots, left the press blankets in a mess, didn’t exactly leave things in an orderly fashion – although we tried, honestly we did.

All I know about etching is that it involves acid and pointy things!   I love this type of art – it is what draws me to encaustics, the flames, the blow torch!!!  It’s why I took a weekend workshop in glassmaking – the flames, the heat.  I should probably try my hand at welding some day.

So yesterday I bought three zinc plates and a twisted etching needle to take with me to camp.  bwa ha ha!

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