A tablet cozy

WP_000881The other night my husband was using my laptop to download some updates for my phone. He was shocked at how slow it was (amazing what you put up with) so while I was sleeping he configured his old tablet computer for me, complete with wireless keyboard and mouse, plus an alternate docking station with a speaker for when I’m watching movies!  I’m thrilled with all of this (oh, except for the mouse part, I haven’t used a mouse for years but I’ll adapt). 

(He gave me his tablet because he is slowly replacing all the laptops in the house with Surfaces from Microsoft.  Now that is a cool piece of equipment but this is not a technology blog).

The only thing my tablet was missing was a cozy so that I can drag it around with me.  I used some 1/4-inch thick felt that I had on hand, cutting it to size and stitching all around with blanket stitch. Then I added black felt squares and large sequins.  It was really hard to get a decent photo, but suffice it to say, I’m pleased with it.


PS  In the photo I’m watching Scandal, a show I’ve only recently discovered. I watched all of Season 1 on Netflix then all of Season 2, to date on Hulu.   Love it.  Love Huck.

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