Friday Favorite: Zoe Williams

I follow Zoe on Facebook and I am struck by two things, her ability to wrestle felt into the most interesting creatures and her work ethic.  Zoe is one of the hardest working artists that I know.  Not just the number of pieces that she creates but the imagination that goes into creating each unique piece is unbelievable.

I read a quote not long ago, from Oscar Wilde, “Consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginative.”  I though about some of the artists that I know who are very consistent.  Their work is the same year after year, even if the subject matter should change, the technique or the colors or the style doesn’t. Zoe’s work is extremely consistent with respect to craftsmanship, and perhaps in her signature style (you know a Zoe Williams piece when you see it), but each and every piece is still unique, exciting and you can see her growth as an artist as she tries new pieces and new techniques.

Here is a picture from Zoe’s website of a recently completed piece  On Facebook Zoe commented, when asked (by me) if she ever considered creating a piece like this in black (how rude),

…this piece is actually about the color white – leukophilia – for the upcoming philias show at Gristle Tattoo ( I do occasionally make things that aren’t white though.

zoe 1

Words cannot describe the variety of creatures created by Zoe Williams, go visit her website and see for yourself.


When I find fabulous artists I never wish that I could draw/stitch/create like them.  I’m always just glad to have found them and know that their art is there for me to come back to time and again.  I’ve decided to start featuring some of my favorites every Friday so that you can enjoy them too.

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