Sneak Peek

Last week I had the idea to embroider some pages from a book. This idea was mostly a way of not getting rid of some pretty shabby cookbooks that I never use.  I leafed through one book in particular, “Amy Vanderbilt’s Complete Cookbook” with illustrations by Andrew Warhol.  Yes, that Andrew Warhol.  I guess before his happening’s in the 60’s he was busy illustrating cookbooks. 

So one thing led to another and here is the result.

          WP_001169          WP_001170

This piece is for my friend Wendy who makes limoncello by the gallon then makes candied lemon peel from the peels that spent the summer soaking in vodka. (yum)  We are lucky enough to be at the receiving end of this bounty every Christmas.  This is the least I can give her.

On Thursday I will be posting more of these pieces to the “Available” section above.  Prices range from $45 for unframed prints to $60 and up for framed.  I may even (gasp) resurrect my Etsy shop.  Themes include vintage cookbooks and an old astrology book with more to come.

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