the mother’s day project

Raesha joined and told us about it on her blog.  I had to help out.  Today I stitched the name of a dead soldier onto a piece of cotton.  I cried while I was doing it.  It hardly seems enough, but it is something and is part of The Mother’s Day project:

Julia Ward Howe envisioned the original Mother’s Day as a Peace Movement following her experiences during the American Civil War.

The purpose of the Mother’s Day Project is to draw attention to the human cost of the Iraq War. While the parameters of the Project focus on women who have lost their lives serving as part of the Coalition forces in Iraq, it is not meant to exclude recognition for others who have lost their lives due to this war. Male soldiers, men, boys, girls, infants and Iraqi women have died in the thousands. They are all worthy and deserving of our attention. They were all part of the universal “us.”

My small contribution to the project was to embroider the name of Elizabeth A. Loncki onto cotton, mail it back to the organizers and at some point I will receive a tote bag made up of the names.  I’ll use the tote bag, and tell people about the project.  People need to put faces and names to the numbers.


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