a little hand stitching

Thursday nights I pit in, in front of the tv, and watch a few of my favorite shows (Community, 30 Rock, The Office, Parks and Recreation, Marriage Ref).  I rarely just sit and watch television, I usually have some handwork on the go – which is why I don’t watch anything with subtitles and why I can see movies over and over again and still not remember most of it.

This week I worked on a little project I saw over at design*sponge that just made me laugh.  Be honest, most cars that carry kids or pets around need an air freshener.  We get salt water and sand covered muck in our car on a regular basis and don’t really want the smell of “what the heck washed up?” This is perfect!

I used the pattern from the d*s but didn’t fuss with the hanging ribbon.  I just used whip stitch rather than blanket stitch, for me it goes faster.  I  bought the lavender at a local craft shop and it smells lovely. 

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