vegetarian s’mores

Rozii and I were at the shore this weekend celebrating her birthday a bit early.  Rozii invited two of her girlfriends along and wow, it was crazy! Three teenage girls.  Pinata.  Nail polish.  Mountain Dew.  ‘nuff said.

Of course we had to have a big bonfire and the girls managed to burn every bit of paper and wood we had stocked up.  And in the midst of it we made s’mores. 

Rozii and I don’t eat marshmallows because they contain gelatin but surprisingly, marshmallow fluff (sold in jars in the grocery store) does not.  We used a special s’mores maker, which any normal person does not need to make s’mores.  But because we can’t put the fluff on a stick to melt we have to put it on the graham crackers with a piece of chocolate in the middle.  With this handy device we could make three at a time. 



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