honestly, I aM a printmaker

001But lately I’ve been stitching up a storm and having so much fun. I think part of it too is that where I’m at with my prints right now involves the need to spread out over a big space. I need to spread out my latest prints and decide where I’m going with them.  I’ve ideas for a few, need to experiment with paints and fabric for others and cut lots of scraps for even more, so they are on hold just for the moment.


In the meantime, I turned a few of the scraps from making 45 felt mushrooms into little gnome hats.  I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with them.  I thought I might actually make a few gnomes out of wooden play pieces. I’ve made them in the past for a friend with kids in Waldorf school and they are so sweet.



But then saw some vintage “Sputnik” ornaments on eBay and had an idea…  I made a simple version, then an all=black version.  It was Derick’s idea to keep going with the black and fill it out completely.  I love it.


 009      004

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