something for me

004I rarely make something for myself. When I finish a piece it is almost always for someone else or for the shop, sometimes for my kids. 


When I finished my project for the magazine though I really wanted to make myself a necklace to wear to the Pratt Auction tonight.  I’d been thinking about it for awhile and had bought the felt beads for it.  So yesterday I treated myself to a trip to the bead shop and picked up the findings and accent beads. Ieven found old chandelier pieces!  It was so fun to just sit and play and put this together.  And of course, matching earrings.  It’s going to go perfectly with my lime green dress.


If you are wondering, “whoa, that’s a bit out there”, worry not.  This will be one of the more understated pieces at the auction!  There is always quite a bit of jewelry auctioned and it is amazing and every year it comes back, worn by the buyers. It’s as much fun to look at the jewelry on the people as in the auction.  It’s going to be a fun night.

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