Still stitching


Believe it or not, it has been so warm and sunny I’ve not been stitching.  I’ve not really been doing much of anything except enjoying the weather, eating strawberries from my garden and hanging out with my daughter.  She is reliving her brief time as an only child while my son is away at camp.  It’s been nice but now I’m behind on my self-imposed deadline!  ack!


The next item to be stitched is a crab.  Molted crab shells wash up all over the beach.  I’ve stopped bringing all of them home because they really are very fragile but I can never resist the colors.  This little crab will be a bit too orange but I loved the color of this partially felted wool.  I’m trying to figure out how to incorporate the beads, but I just might leave them for more sea stars.


The final piece might just have to be barnacles. I know they aren’t all that popular with beach goers but I really love them when I’m not stepping on them in bare feet.

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