how long did that take?

DSCF5536I get asked that question all the time.  For the most part, I have no idea.  I really don’t keep track and I don’t work flat out. I tend to work for about 40 minutes then fold some laundry, then work, then check Facebook, then work, then drive kids around then take two days off then work, etc. etc. 

But I’ll tell you, each piece takes a long time and if I were being paid a wage I’d be making about $2 an hour on a good day.  For example, yesterday I started working on the legs for my current project.  I finished them about 8 last night.  I watched three episodes of “forthysomething”, “Ironman 2” and started “Thor”.  So, about 6 hours altogether. On the legs.

I’m almost done.  Just a bit more silver stitching.

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