A little embroidery

I’m terrible at multi-tasking these days, still being a little overwhelmed by my annual “I can’t take the gray days anymore” bout with depression and anxiety. My usual “mom” super powers are limited to one conversation at a time, one task at a time, and the need for peace, quiet and mindfulness.

WP_20140310_05_57_57_ProThat being said, I can’t “just” watch TV. I usually have something that I’m working on while my daughter and I catch up on “Bones” or my husband and I watch our shows (“House of Cards”, “Almost Human” and “The Following”). A couple of weeks ago I bought the new Mark Allen pillowcase and embroidery designs from Sublime Stitching.

I love the quirkiness of the drawings and the juxtaposition of the traditional embroidered flowers with the skull and raccoon. And because I didn’t think there was quite enough going on, I’m going to add a bit with the iron-on embroidery designs.

I hadn’t heard of Mark Allen before so I did a quick search. You can find his drawings here on Tumblr. I find them so inspiring, they are seemingly simple but so lovely and complex.

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  1. janeggg March 10, 2014

    love those mark allen drawings thank you do much for the link! Just been stalking you on instagram, even though i cant leave comments there as i cant get on without a mobile phone! (i don’t own 1!) you crack me up, you are drawing tube worms and stitching skulls! love it! x

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